Sunday, April 4

Easter Sunday Worship

After being apart for more than a year, the congregation of Pilgrim Christian Church finally gathered for in-person worship in the sanctuary. As you'll see in the video at the bottom of this post: There was an organist and a soloist (who played the guitar), but the congregation didn't sing. The message was based on Mark's account of Jesus' resurrection. Communion was with pre-sealed elements. But for the most part, it was a glorious Easter, and the church was as full as it could be to allow for any social distancing at all. 

ORDER OF WORSHIP: 00:00 • Prélude: Christ the Lord Is Risen Today 04:00 • Welcome 08:00 • Call to Worship (from Psalm 126) 08:32 • Opening Prayer 09:00 • Lord's Prayer 09:34 • Song: Low in the Grave He Lay (Christ Arose!) 10:37 • Scripture Reading: Mark 16.1-8 12:02 • Solo: In Christ Alone 16:08 • Prayer for Illumination 16:25 • Sermon 28:00 • Bible Verse for 2021: Romans 5.5 28:13 • Pastoral Prayer 30:31 • Song: Thine Is the Glory 31:46 • Communion Prayer 32:54 • Institution/Fraction 34:49 • Closing Prayer 35:25 • Benediction: Go Now in Peace 37:27 • Postlude: Mozart's Alleluia

Thank you to Bill Arotin for today's camera work!

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