Sunday, June 13

Polka Sunday Worship

Today's worship features the Chardon Polka Band! We had our first Polka Sunday in 2019, think it would be a new annual tradition. Something happened in 2020 to prevent us from repeating the event though. But we were finally able to hold our second Polka Sunday this morning. Though it's been biennial so far, we hope that it'll now be an annual event. Following this service was lunch and a mini-concert. See separate video for the concert.

Here's the worship video;

Sunday, June 6

June 6 Worship

Today is the Second Sunday after Pentecost, and the gospel reading is Mark 3:20-35. Today for the first time in at least fifteen months, the deacons distributed the bread and the cup to the congregation in the traditional way. Our hymns included O for a Thousand Tongues, Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ, and Let There Be Peace on Earth.

Steve Moore was our presiding elder, Gretchen Bryant was our guest organist, and Jenny Gilles served as videographer. Paul Hederstrom introduced his grandson, also named Paul Hederstrom, whom we honored upon his graduation this past week from West Geauga High School.

Below is the video of this morning's worship service, and below that is the order of worship.

Sunday, May 30

Trinity Sunday Worship

The First Sunday after Pentecost is called Trinity Sunday, so the opening hymn today is Holy, Holy, Holy. As part of our peace crane ministry, part of the pastoral prayer is a blessing of peace cranes for the sanctuary of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Chardon. The scripture reading and sermon are the first half of John 3. Following the sermon is a brief observance of Memorial Day.

Here is the video of today's service. Beneath it, you'll find the order of worship.

Sunday, May 23

Pentecost Worship

Today is the Day of Pentecost, when Christians celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the church. In fact, we refer to this day as the birthday of the church. 

In his Pentecost sermon, the Apostle Peter quoted the second chapter of the Prophet Joel, and that was the scripture passage read in our worship service this morning. The sermon included a reading of the story of Pentecost from the Book of Acts. Hymns included Sweet, Sweet Spirit (sung twice—once peacefully, and once with a bit more jazz), Spirit of the Living God, and Spirit of Gentleness.

Here's the video of today's service (below which you'll find the order of worship):

00:00 • Prélude
02:20 • Greening & Announcements
03:58 • Call to Worship (from Ps. 104)
04:51 • Song: Sweet, Sweet Spirit
07:20 • Opening Prayer (from Common Order, Church of Scotland)
08:01 • Lord's Prayer
08:33 • Gloria Patri
09:17 • Joys & Concerns, Silent Prayer
12:19 • Pastoral Prayer
14:08 • Scripture Reading: Joel 2.23-32
16:24 • Song: Spirit of the Living God
17:37 • Sermon
30:13 • Offertory Sentence
31:00 • Doxology
31:37 • Thanksgiving
32:20 • Hymn: Spirit of Gentleness
37:31 • Benediction
38:27 • Response: Go Now in Peace

Sunday, May 16

Ascension Worship

On the Sunday before Pentecost, we celebrate Christ's Ascension. For us, the most traditional Ascension song is Crown Him with Many Crowns, which is our first hymn. Roz Kvet is our presiding elder today, and while our organist is on vacation for nearly a month, we're happy to welcome Gretchen Bryan as her substitute.

Here's the video of today's worship service, below which you'll find the order of service: