Sunday, March 14

Lent 4 Worship

The reading from the Hebrew scriptures appointed for today is the story of the serpents in the wilderness—a story which is referenced in the appointed gospel lesson, which includes John 3:16. This is the theme for message, so one of the songs we'll hear today is Stainer's God So Loved the World. Another of today's songs is How Great Thou Art, and there's also a brief book report on Catherine Ryan Hyde's Have You Seen Luis Velez? Here's the order of worship found in the worship video at the bottom of the post: 
  • 00:00 Chimes
  • 00:27 Prélude: For God So Loved the World
  • 02:06 Welcome
  • 02:55 Book Report: Have You Seen Luis Velez?
  • 07:17 Opening Sentence
  • 07:43 Opening Prayer
  • 08:29 Lord's Prayer
  • 09:02 Intro to the Song
  • 10:42 Song: How Great Thou Art
  • 13:23 Scripture Reading: John 3:14-17
  • 14:05 Message
  • 19:45 Brief Pastoral Prayer 
  • 20:12 Communion Prayer
  • 20:38 Fraction/Institution
  • 21:27 Song: Stainer's God So Loved the World
  • 24:44 Benediction
  • 25:00 Response: Go Now in Peace
  • 26:54 Postlude: God Is Love Who Sent His Beloved Son 
As always, it's best to watch the video in full-screen mode.

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