Friday, December 25

Christmas Day Worship

Merry Christmas from Pilgrim Church! Thank you for joining us for a brief Christmas Day worship service. The pastor's devotional message is about how all four gospels start at the beginning, but that for each of them, the beginning is different.

If you didn't already participate, here's a link to last night's beautiful Christmas Eve worship service.

Here's the order of worship found in the video at the end of this post:
  • 00:00 Prélude: Welcome to Our World (used with the artist's permission)
  • 02:59 Welcome
  • 03:17 Call to Worship: Titus 3.4-7
  • 03:48 Opening Prayer
  • 04:17 Scripture Reading: John 1.1-5, 14
  • 05:05 Message
  • 11:14 Prayer
  • 12:53 Carol: Hark! the Herald Angels Sing
  • 15:06 Benediction 
(It's best to watch the video in full-screen mode.)

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